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Agent or Broker? You Choose

Alfa - July 22, 2019 - 0 comments

Two jobs you can have selling insurance is being an insurance broker, or an insurance agent

Insurance brokering can be a lucrative job! The average salary earned by an insurance broker is $78,669. Being an Insurance agent is not as lucrative as becoming an insurance broker as the average salary for someone in this role is $40,000. The difference between a broker and an agent is that a broker sells different types of insurances or sells for different companies. This differs from an agent who only sells for one company and sells one type of policy. Generally, insurance brokers have a lot of experience in the insurance industry. If you would like to enter this field there is a simple and rewarding process you will need to follow.

The first step you need to take to become an insurance agent is to decide what kind of insurance you would like to sell

There are 4 types of insurances to sell: Life, Health, Securities, and Property and Casualty. Doing research on these different types of insurances will better help you to choose which you’d like to pursue.
Next you will start learning and studying for your state licensing exam. There are many programs whether on the web or in a classroom that will help you prepare for the exam. Check with state laws to see exactly how many hours of experience you will need before taking the licensing exam. When training you must also study for the specific state in which you will like to be a broker or agent. It is important that you study for the exam in the study you will like to sell insurance! Once you have met the requirements to earn your license you will schedule and take your test.

Assuming that you have passed your test, you will then start to apply to companies for whom you will be an agent, or a broker

If you don’t pass your test you simply need to reschedule. It is important that you only sell insurance plans in the state in which you own your license. If you no longer work as an insurance agent, or broker, you may be able to house your license with the company you move on to. If you do not house your license after two years of leaving your insurance job, then you will need to take your insurance exam again. Best of luck if you’re looking to become an insurance broker, or agent!

-by John C. Contributing Writer.

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