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Electronic Scope of Appointment

Alfa - September 27, 2017 - 0 comments

For the traditional brokers, everyone knows Scope of Appointment have to be signed, but had anyone considered getting it electronically?

Imagine signing 4-6 people a day and having the inconvenience in having the printed forms out, and saving each signed form either electronically or in a folder which you have to keep for your records. For top producing sales agents, going paperless and seeking out new ways to track and conduct business more efficiently is vital for achieving higher sales results – and health insurance carriers have finally captured the opportunity to go paperless.

Its about that time that things are finally moving along the paperless rout

Now, you can file out the scope and capture the signature electronically. There’s a new easy-to-use electronic Scope of Appointment option now available.

So what are the benefits, and why is it such a big deal?

  • Efficiency –  You can send SOAs to clients through email or text and they can confirm appointments digitally. It’s a faster way in getting the scope, and it saves paper. Stacking up papers can become heavy and hard to find. Having the forms signed and saved electronically saves you from scanning the from, and there’s no papers to stack up. The electronic SOA will auto-populate beneficiary information.
  • Record Tracking – Finding electronic scopes and records are quicker because they get saved in a special file folder for quick inquiry/search and retrieval.
  • Time & Convenience – compared to telephonic Scope, getting the scope electronically takes less time. You don’t need to carry around papers which could be a potential PHI concern.

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